Exhibitions    SODEISHA: connected to Australia

02.03.19 to 19.05.19

In 2019 SODEISHA: connected to Australia celebrates this significant collection with the inclusion of ten contemporary ceramic artists from Australia and Japan featuring alongside the Gallery's Sodeisha collection to form a dialogue between this important post war avant-garde movement and contemporary ceramic arts practice today. A highlight of the exhibition is invited ceramic artist Satoru Hoshino, an original member of the Sodeisha group and exhibitor in the 1979 exhibition who will travel to Newcastle to create a major installation and conduct a series of masterclasses providing a living link to the past and present of the Sodeisha group both in Japan and Australia.

#EuropaEuropa (series) by Penny Byrne

#EuropaEuropa (series)  2017

Vintage porcelain blue and white figurines, gravy boats, cups, bowls, dishes, plates, epoxy putty, bright orange enamel paint, epoxe resin

Dimensions variable

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