Penny Byrne has two works in this exhibition.


Welcome To My World: ceramics with narrative brings together the work of contemporary artists addressing cultural, social and political issues through the medium of clay.

In using every-day, domestic and commonplace items as their canvas, each artist finds a powerful way of conveying important messages about contemporary issues. The exhibition showcases the work of 35 artists and 10 nationalities. Their stories are both deeply personal and universally significant.

Welcome To My World features work that entertains, informs and challenges stereotypes. Nala Turner sets out to redefine the black feminine, and Srinia Chowdhury and Mac Star McCusker address gender bias and inequality. Matt Smith asks us to consider how art history has represented – or more frequently overlooked – LGBTQ+ communities. His work would blend seamlessly into traditional museum display cases, emphasising the point that these are stories that should have been there all along. Other works in the exhibition bring to the fore issues including political unrest in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, slavery, the rise in the cult of celebrity, and the ugly impact of technological consumerism. Interspersed with contemporary works are selected pieces from The Burton’s own collection of North Devon slipware pottery.

This is an exhibition that asks us to step outside the comfort of our own worlds and acknowledge that there are other – previously untold – stories that we need to hear.

Welcome To My World is curated by Nick Duxbury and features the work of contemporary artists including Stephen Bird, Katy Stubbs, Lena Peters, Roberto Lugo and Barnaby Barford. Also featuring Connor Coulston, winner of the Ingram prize for new talent and selected to appear in the 2021 British Ceramics Biennial AWARD show.

We invite you to take a wander through their worlds.

Director Ian Danby says,

"The show welcome to my world curated by Nick Duxbury is an exciting leap into contemporary ceramics where the artists focus on addressing challenging issues and stories both political and social.  Makers from very diverse backgrounds use clay to highlight or address political and social issues including Me Too movement, Brexit, Racism and conflict.  Works from makers from diverse international backgrounds and the LGBTQ+ community have come together in this poignant, witty and incisive show.”