Penny Byrne is an artist who utilises a variety of mediums to create sculptural works that at times elicit visceral responses from viewers.

She is concerned with the state of the world and our place in it. Her works ask us to consider where we stand and how we feel, never preaching, but rather gently guiding us to a deeper understanding of our times.


She is not afraid to tackle the big issues head on, often with wry humor and wit, and always with a deeply considered and intelligent compassion.


Born in Mildura in regional Australia in 1965, she now lives and works in Narrm/Melbourne.


She chooses to work independently of the commercial gallery sector in Australia.

Please contact her directly for sales inquiries.


She is represented in the UK by Coates and Scarry.



She also works in close collaboration with Urban Arts Projects to create her large scale bronze works.





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