Guarding the Homefront

20 Mar 2015 – 17 May 2015
Guarding the Homefront brings together contemporary artists who's work reflects on war and conflict, and includes works from Australian War Memorial collection.

Guarding the Homefront is an exhibition which engages with the ideas, themes and concerns of military conflicts around the world. The exhibition explores the many notions of the 'homefront': of those who remain at home, awaiting the return of loved ones and/or contributing to the war effort; the heroism of those in conflict zones; and the ways wars are portrayed in the media.


  • Tony Albery
  • Penny Byrne
  • Sam Cranstoun
  • Jodi Daley
  • eX de Medici
  • Bonita Ely
  • Phillip George
  • George Gittoes
  • Lucy Griggs
  • Fiona Hall
  • Freya Jobbins
  • Baden Pailthorpe
  • Michael Peck
  • Benjamin Tankard
  • Guan Wei


From the Australian War Memorial

  • George Benson
  • Stella Bowen
  • Penleigh Boyd
  • Sybil Craig
  • Will Dyson
  • John Goodchild
  • George Lambert
  • Horace Moore-Jones
  • Katy Mutton
  • Sidney Nolan

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