Settled/Unsettled: Art on Asylum Seeker, Migrant and Refugee Experiences

24 Jun 2022 – 31 Jul 2022

Manly Museum and Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW

This multidisciplinary exhibition explores personal and profound issues around war and cultural displacement through the lens of asylum-seeker, refugee, and migrant experiences.

Hedar Abadi, Mehrdad MehrAeen and Raneen Shamon reflect on the experiences that have shaped their lives as new Australians. Mehwish Iqbal, Kathrin Longhurst, Angus McDonald and Penny Byrne highlight the social justice issues facing asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants.

By exploring conflict and exile, home and belonging, Settled/Unsettled contributes to the global movement of empowerment and acceptance of all refugees. This project connects artists and communities through art and conversation, acknowledges our shared human experience and fosters mutual understanding.

This exhibition is part of Refugee Week 2022, presented in partnership with Settlement Services International and supported by Community Northern Beaches and The Social Outfit. Curated by Katherine Roberts, Senior Curator, Manly Art Gallery & Museum.

Exhibiting artists: 

  • Hedar Abadi

  • Penny Byrne

  • Mehrdad MehrAeen

  • Mehwish Iqbal

  • Kathrin Longhurst

  • Angus McDonald

  • Raneen Shamon

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