There's No Place Like Home

11 Feb 2023 – 11 Oct 2023
A Warrnambool Art Gallery Collection exhibition

Uttered as a wish or sometimes a lament, There’s no place like home  is a proverb that describes how we are bound to the imperfect, but comfortable and familiar surroundings of a place we might call home. In this exhibition the idea of Australia (home to an interwoven history of continuous culture, colonisation and recent migration), is interrogated and in this version, it’s not always comfortable or familiar. Mining the collection for the stories addressing our history and our connection to place There’s no place like home looks at both the good and the bad as equal threads in the story of this nation.  

Artists: Vicki Couszens, Eugene von Guerard, Penny Byrne, Sebastian Di Mauro, Guan Wei, Raquel Ormella.

HIGH VIS (Series) (2019)

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