Exhibition Flyer

Visual Language: The Art of Protest

11 Feb 2023 – 25 Mar 2023

“In a turbulent time when world economies are failing and resources are limited, governments and regimes marginalize, oppress, and take away freedoms from those that challenge their political objectives. The need to protest never wanes, artists continue to be an essential voice for political change by focusing attention on those marginalized. We are delighted to be working on our second ‘Visual Language’ exhibition with Subliminal Projects.”

Coates & Scarry and Subliminal Projects are pleased to present, Visual Language: The Art of Protest, a group exhibition and survey of the symbiotic relationship between art and activism. Visual Language is an ongoing project curated in collaboration with Coates & Scarry, that aims to investigate and spark dialogue about how art acts as a vehicle of communication.

The historied alliance between art and protest, in its many manifestations, is rooted in the understanding that effective change begins with a cultural shift. Visual Language: The Art of Protest, is an investigation of how art serves as a societal crux between dissent and action. The exhibition features a selection of pivotal artists whose practice challenges systematic corruption imposed by those in power. The tone of the works gathered range from political, ironic, typographic, autonomous, and abstract, collectively serving as a beacon of resistance, awakening, and a confrontation of regressive politics.

Since its inception in 2004, as an artist and activist-run commercial space, Subliminal Projects has served as a platform highlighting awareness through art, dedicated to long-term support of our community and organizations engaged in aid. For the exhibition’s duration, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International, a global non-governmental organization focused on human rights, and Inner-City Arts, a Los Angeles-based educational space empowering children, teens, and the community through the transformational power of art.

CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Andrea Bowers (Vielmetter Los Angeles), Awanle Ayiboro Hawa Al (Emergeast), Barbara Kruger (Spruth Magers), Cey Adams, Cheryl Dunn, Christopher Martin, David Shrigley (Stephen Friedman Gallery), Ed Ruscha, El Seed, Emory Douglas, Gary Taxali, Gordon Cheung, Guerrilla Girls, Hana Shahnavaz (Emergeast), Leila Pazooki (Emergeast), Lina Puerta, Maya Hayuk, Pussy Riot (Nadya Tolokonnikova), Penny Byrne, Renee Cox, Robbie Conal, Ron English, Salah Elmur (Vigo Gallery), Shepard Fairey, Stan Squirewell (Claire Oliver Gallery), and Juana Valdez (Spinello Projects).

ABOUT COATES & SCARRY Coates & Scarry are art dealers and curators based in the UK. They have worked in partnership for twelve years on projects and with institutions such as the Royal West Academy (RWA), Bristol City Museum, and other commercial galleries and project spaces. They have curated exhibitions in Hong Kong, NYC, London, Bristol, and Los Angeles, covering subjects on queer theory, identity, the environment, and the human condition. For more information visit, coatesandscarry.com, and follow them on Instagram @coatesandscarry.

ABOUT SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS Subliminal Projects is a multi-functional project space and gallery established by Shepard Fairey and Blaize Blouin in 1995 as a way to introduce skateboard culture and design to the art world. The concept grew and found roots later in Los Angeles, at a time when many artists found themselves shut out by the “art scene.” Subliminal Projects emerged as a gallery that championed emerging and margin- alized artists, built out of cultural importance to serve as a center for the community to openly express and spark dialogue about art, music, and activism. Now located in the historic neighborhood of Echo Park, Subliminal Projects continues to offer a platform for artistic exploration and innovation. For more information visit subliminalprojects.com, and follow us on Instagram @subliminalprojects.

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